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About Me

I am worthy. I am a warrior, A thriver, a poet, a writer, a chef, and I wear many more hats. I have battled children, teenagers, laundry, and fun chaotic life. Who am I? I am the hero who picks you up when you fall. I am the person who smiles even when I am hurting inside. I am the person who power’s through the day and still puts dinner on the table. I am a taxi, a full-time employee, a mom. I am a writer. I am a fitness fanatic and enjoy eating right.
My name is Christyne and I am a mom of four, I work full-time, and working on my fitness and eating goals. I have struggled with so many obstacles in my life from raising kids, to tragedy along the way sprinkles of laughter, and the little moments that sometimes people forget about. This website is for anyone out there who just wants to come and rest for a minute. Need a pick me up there are plenty of inspirational motivational quotes around here. Go check some blogs out and thanks in advance. I have a variety of categories and feel free to comment or send me a message.

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