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This book was good. I picked this out because I wanted to see how it was written. I like Wattpad and wanted to see how this book became a hit even on Netflix. I did like the story and the end was really good. I did get very frustrated at the main character a lot. I had to keep reminding myself who people really are when they are in a first real relationship away from parents and when you're an adult. This portrayed that so well.

Also a lot of red flags with Hardin and Tessa. This was really well written and the characters in this were good. You feel like your part of their group. You are going to want to root for Tessa and then get mad at her to keep going back. At the same time, I am sure a lot of us could relate to this. So if you enjoy a story with friends and someone in an intense new relationship this book is for you.

You will continue to ask yourself why is she so willing to put up with what Hardins is doing to her. Is this love? This was one of the questions I kept asking myself. Even after the first book, it's still hard to tell if it is. If you enjoy reading and like these types of books go for it. Here is the link for this book After Let me know what you think once you're done. You also click on the picture below to direct you to get this book.

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