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My Anxiety

I'm anxious

I can't sleep I can't eat and some days it seems it's even hard to breathe

Holding my breath as if I'm underwater

Drowning into the darkness that tends to suffocate my voice

Words seem to dissolve into thin air while I sit and have so much to say

But I get lost in my head and I can't catch my breath

These restless nights seem to be more common lately and I feel like I'm already part of the undead

Like the grim reaper is already knocking at my door and I just stand there

With no fear

Just ready to accept my fate

His shadow haunts the darkness that swirls around me

I welcome my anxiety

I eat it up and engorge it

I let it take me until ready to spit me back out

I can't keep going on like this

The voices come and go with their screams and shouts

Taunting me and remind me how worthless I truly feel

Somebody throw me a lifeline before I sink into quicksand

The clock is ticking and I'm running out of time

My anxiety reminds me I'm late for my appointment with insomnia, along with worthless

and the grim reaper

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