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Brene Brown "Daring Greatly"

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I discovered Brene’ Brown not too long ago when I was introduced to super soul Sunday. Let’s just say I am very ecstatic that Oprah is still rocking it as always. Well, Brene’ was on her show and was discussing vulnerability and fear amongst other things. I was really intrigued because my body sprung up when I heard Brene’ Brown talked about how she did actual real research and compiled different types of data. These words were like music to my ears. So, I dug deeper into this Brene’ Brown and found her on ted talk; talking more about vulnerability and let me just say I was completely uncomfortable. I appreciated her honesty on how she discovered her data and how long it took for her to research her data. Also, her discovering this wholehearted love and vulnerability and applied it to her own life. So, this encouraged me to pick up her book Daring Greatly. Then I watched her on Netflix, and it was so fantastic to see her words match her voice on all her appearances. Now maybe I have been living under a rock and many have already discovered her and her books. But my journey was evolving, and I was on the road of shifting and already transforming to my authentic self, and this just helped me along.

Do I highly recommend this book; of course, it will challenge you and make you want to throw it across the room. (I have many times.) This book spoke truth to my inner self. I had to really accept a lot about myself and being vulnerable is not easy. But if you are open to self-change and allow it. Then this book will help you along your journey. Not only did this help me but this helped my life and my relationships. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and along with that comes courage. Kind of like the movie, Wizard of Oz where Dorthy must go see the wizard, she finds friends along the way that are looking for something that has been inside of them the whole time.

Sometimes we are afraid to be vulnerable because were ashamed of who we were and what we must face. But to unveil your mask and be your true self is the best gift you can give yourself as well as others around you.

I applaud Brene’ brown and highly recommend this book Daring Greatly, and thank you Brene’ for being vulnerable and for all the research you have uncovered for yourself and for the world.

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