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Can't Hurt Me By: David Goggins

If you want a book that is going to push your limits and I mean all your limits from your physical body to mind then this book is for you. This helped reshape my thought process and push me to my physical limits. His life story shows that there really are no excuses to not achieve our highest potentials and goals. This book is a David Goggins life story from childhood up to where he is now. His failures but his persistence live on in this book. If he fails, he learns and figures out how he failed so he can achieve it the next time. He never gives up. It is like that saying goes you first fail, try again and he does and beyond it.

The fun part about this book is after each chapter there is a challenge for you to do. He breaks it down in pieces so you can do one piece at a time. The accountability mirror concept does help. I like it because it holds you accountable and no one else. No one else to blame but yourself for not achieving what you want out of your life. Read the book if you want more about this

The what-if concept is incredible. The obstacles from his physical health during his journey he did not allow it to stop him from achieving his main goals. Self-pity did not exist. He became a Navy Seal but only after 3 times of intense training that he had to redo due to his obstacles. He was overweight did not have much of a job and had nothing going from him until something inspired him to join the navy seals. This was the beginning of his journey of life transformation.

I know after you read this book you will come out of it wanting to achieve goals beyond what you can imagine at this moment. It's not easy because it can get real, but how else will we change if you do not look at ourselves in the accountability mirror. To be brutality honesty with yourself, this is not a cozy self-help book this is as real as it gets.

So, if you want to achieve goals and not allow excuses in the way read this book. His journey and obstacles will change the perception of what we can and cannot do physically and mentally.

This is an amazing story and book. If you are interested in a new chapter of life-changing goals check this book out. Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins.

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