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Day 11 Flow Breath a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Hi, there I woke up ready for today's yoga day 11 with Adriene.

This morning we started on our feet hands to heart with slow deep breaths. I enjoy this a lot. I started centering my body, my day. My feet being planted on the ground. With a deep breath, I felt focused and grounded.

Here comes the part where I was frustrated. After working cobra pose and shifting to one leg out and up like pressing against a wall then bringing your leg into your nose out into your left or right elbow and then to the other elbow. Then shifting to warrior 2 pose. This whole combination was frustrating and hard the first time around.

The second time I did this, It flowed a lot better and easier I was so excited. I like how there is no pressure with any of these just my own perfections. Adriene is very laid back and whatever feels right for you is what you should do for yourself.

There were two poses I really enjoyed and the first one was the pose where you stretched out your hips and breathing in and out. I felt this stretch and how my body really needed this stretch it was a form of one-legged pigeon pose. I laughed during this stretch when she said the hips don't lie. Also talking about if we get stuck and we will get stuck. I just did not feel alone during this she was right along with me cheering me on.

My second favorite is when I was laying completely on my back and taking deep breaths. I enjoyed this at the very end. As for me, this helps my whole body come to complete relax mode after stretching various poses with my body. This pose also centers everything for me and helps me be ready for the day to come.

Her motto is as long as you show up on your mat daily. This is the hardest part.

Check out her Day 11 video below.

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