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Day 12 Flow Breath a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning and what a great day to start out with Breath and Yoga with Adriene. I just finished up Day 12 and this one was really great. I liked the deep breathing at the beginning of this morning's practice. I felt the breath in and out down to my belly and what a way to center and relieve any excess stress. This beginning part helped clear my mind.

I noticed we did a lot of downward facing dog today which is how I start out my stretching before this 30-day challenge so it was very familiar to me.

I liked the slow movements and deep breathing this morning. Today was a lot more focused on deep breathing than the last two. My body feels relaxed and rejuvenated. My body really took to swinging the legs to each side. This position really helped stretch places that needed it. I had a lot of tension when stretching in these positions.

Overall not a lot of positions that were too difficult and really laid back with a variety of deep breathing. Like she said this was a drop breath stretch and I know for me I forget to breathe in deep throughout the day.

These morning practices are helping me recognize my breathing my tension in my body in my daily life. I am calmer and less scattered brained and my anxiety has been fading away. I have not been stressed out as much either just enjoying my present-day and little moments.

Thank you Adriene for these deep breathing morning yoga stretches. I showed up on my mat today and like she always says that's all anyone ever needs to do is show up.

Try her 30-day challenge. Show up on the mat you will not regret it.

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