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Day 13 Feel Breath a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning and welcome to Day 13 my personal 30-day yoga journey with Adriene.

This morning it was about Feel. The stretches and how your body moves and focuses on the feeling of movement and everything that comes with yoga.

We started out on the mat with our hands on our knees in a lotus position. I struggled on focusing at this moment because my body wanted to just move around and stretch. I sat there listening to Adriene with my eyes closed taking deep breaths in to help bring myself back to the center.

Our first stretch this morning was a gentler twist to one side and then the other. This was a very low key stretch. Then we were slowly stretching our arms at a slow and steady pace this morning.

My favorite part was stretching our back "by threading thy needle" (Adriene said) aka our arm and lay our ear and shoulder down to stretch the spine. This was what I personally needed to help stretch my lower back. It felt so good I just wanted to lay there all day and stretch this out. The hard part today was the position called the flow boat where you have to use some of your core. It's the part where your sitting and putting your hands underneath your knees and getting ready to extend your legs out with your hands out facing towards the sky. I liked how we had the opportunity to rest in a knee folded position a few times while doing this pose.

Overall Adriene did not disappoint with her relaxed approach and her sense of humor coming out. Thank you Adriene for another wonderful morning.

Her motto as long as you show up and I did just that.

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