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Day 14 Space Breath a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning and what an impactful morning with Adriene. This was by far my favorite day out of this challenge.

We started off sitting down and took some deep breaths. Stretched our neck to our shoulders with our elbows. Then we worked our way to our arms. I enjoyed how we stretched pieces of our whole body one at a time through this practice today.

The stretch that helped me a lot was when we were looking at our heal and opened up our sides and doing this to each side. This stretched a lot of my lower back and full body. The other stretch that I personally really needed was the backstretch. This was when we laid down and folded our knee to one side and our head looked the opposite way. This felt so good I almost cried in relief. Because it was stretching a lot of my lower back pain away.

With yoga, there comes balance. I was falling a lot and laughing when attempting to grab my foot with my hand and trying to steady my body from not swaying or moving. This is something I will add to my personal practice to help strengthen my balance.

Here comes the best pose I enjoyed. I felt like a little kid. The star poses with the beach ball stretches. These both were so fun I hope Adriene incorporates these more in this 30-day challenge.

Overall this was by far my favorite day yet. I felt like my whole body received a good stretch and my inner child came out having a blast with this. I also like today's verbiage, Letting go of anything so anything new can enter. This was so fantastic to hear while practicing today.

Thank you Adriene for a fabulous day and I am so thrilled I showed up on my mat this morning with you.

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