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Day 15 Enter Breath a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning and Day 15 is here. Congratulations to anyone who has been following along with Adriene. This journey so far has been full of growth and stillness for me. Alright, let us dig right into today's practice.

We first started off rolling our shoulders and then standing and swaying our arms side to side. I always feel silly doing these. I mean can you imagine, I am in my living room doing this practice before my kiddos get up. If they saw me they would be like mom what the heck are you doing. I feel like my inner child coming out on some of these stretches and moves and it's so much fun.

We start working our strength up by putting one knee down and stretching our whole leg out and then move it to the front of the mat almost like your going to go into a warrior pose but then we stay there and stretch out our whole body. Then going into a cobra. This pose I do not quite like that much. I think it's stretching my lower back a little bit and it hurts. I try to be gentle in this pose. I know my body needs this stretch but it's the hardest for me. I like downward dog and the side stretches.

My favorite stretch is the weird one. Where we are rocking our foot like a baby, and then leaning forward with it. My body felt this stretch.

I enjoyed today as always. This was a pretty chill time and I enjoy her tone and how there is no pressure for perfection. Thank you Adriene for today. writing these keeps me accountable to even keep doing this practice every morning.

I hope you all enjoyed today's practice. I am definitely feeling a change in my day and my body. I am growing and learning with this practice.

Thank you Adriene I am so happy I showed up on my mat today with you!

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