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Day 18 Center Breath a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning and welcome to day 18. Center is the focus of today and what a challenge today was for me.

We begin lying down and giving a moment to just lay there and listen and take breaths. This was a nice set up to help me focus on my own self, body, and breath, We slowly massage our head right to left and then point our toes and flexing the feet. I felt and started learning all the connections my body has from the toes.

I did like the knees up and strengthening the lower back. I truly need this daily. My whole body felt like it was shaking when putting my elbow to the knee. I don't know about anyone else or if you felt your body shake, but mine sure did. We rocked our body and I enjoyed this playfulness moment. We then walk up to our mat and go into downward-facing dog. I felt my body stretch the hips and I welcomed this. I felt my body and its flow at this moment.

Then there were the planks. I am very familiar with planks and should do more of these daily. This is something I noticed more than ever how it can strengthen your core and benefit my yoga practice.

My favorite was the center lunge pose with the fingertips to the sky; then into warrior two. These stretches are fantastic and I feel it. The twist helped stretch my hips and back. The cobra poses and then to plank I struggled with emenesly. I hope as I continue to practice this becomes better and stronger. The toe stretch was an interesting feeling. I heard crunches and body creaks during these.

I truly appreciate Adrienne's comment about how we are all practicing together and some maybe further than others. Thank you for taking all of us into consideration. This whole practice today was truly amazing. I noticed parts of my body that need conditioning and strengthening. The crow was new to me so I just stayed where my body allowed. This will be one of those poses I would like to practice more and learn.

Thank you Adriene for another wonderful practice.

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