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Day 19 Strength a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Good morning everyone. Today is about strength so let's put our muscles to work.

We first start sitting on the ground and tuning in to our breath. I feel grounded when starting out sitting and focusing on breath first. I don't know about anyone else but for me, this beginning practice was exactly what I needed.

Our first pose was coming down on all fours dropping the belly and coming into a cat pose while working on the breath. We then work on a push up with our breath. I like this because it helped with my breath-form and able to feel my body and really focusing on the movements. The childlike moment for me was stretching with your head down and looking like almost a shark was actually relaxing. Did anyone have the baby shark song stuck in their heads in this pose I know I did.

I tend to struggle with the forward fold. My body sometimes shakes. I really need to practice this more to help strengthen my body. I like the knee up and balancing on one leg. This was fun. I enjoy these poses that build up my strength. I am working on all of this right now so this was perfect.

The pose where you are holding a beach ball and sending your fingertips back was so nice. I like the airplane arms. I do not know that much when it comes to stretching the arms. So this really helped show me what other stretches and poses I can do to stretch my arms and full body.

My challenge today was being on your toes and pretending like your holding a beach ball. I could still hear my feet make noises as I stretch them out. This was a lot of fun and I gained a lot of knowledge. Her personality and what she says is hilarious it brings so much more enthusiasm to the practice.

thank you Adrienne for a fun-filled strength day today.

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