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Day 20 Pause a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Good morning and today let's Pause. Time to sit down grab a blanket and let's work on today's practice.

We start out massaging our hands and arms. Today was all about breath and our inward selves. I enjoyed the moment when you are looking down at yourself like your looking at a reflection.

We go into a breath count today. I like these days because I just started to meditate and do breath counts. I felt so relaxed after this breathwork today. My whole inward self felt so relaxed.

When working with the breath count and then pausing was a good experience. This helps build up strength in my breath. This was my first time working a pause with breath counts. I did not think I would like this but I enjoyed all of it.

What about anyone else? Did anyone else feel completely relaxed after today's practice?

This was so perfect and just what my body and mind needed.

Thank you Andreiene for adding breath counts into practice.

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