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Day 25 Love a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning everyone what a nice self-love practice today. I hope everyone took the time to just enjoy their authentic selves.

Today we start off with Adriene singing Whitney Houston to Benji. Thank Andrene for being your true self.

Our first pose is sitting down criscross and brining our finger tips to the shoulders and breathing in and out. I like when we start off this way it helps me center and focus on the moment.

My favorite pose is laying on the back and stretching the whole body. It Felt so good. Then we slowly start stretching our legs alot. Differnt poses while laying and sitting down. We then go to lunges and stretch a pose she calls low lizard. There is a variety of plank poses and cobra. Alot of these are stretches we have done in the past and its great to see improvement. Like plank to cobra and back to down ward facing dog or to the lunge poses. I am getting use to some of these combos and really excited about that.

The one pose that I felt so much was where your stretching your quads. I was surprised I could actually do this pose she called "Bow". This stretched parts of my quads and body that I could not reach. It felt like they were on fire. I do work out and just yesterday did alot of leg toning; so this was much needed for me today.

At the end of the practice I like how you could wrap yourself up like a burrtio or use your blanket how ever you liked. I placed it underneath my head and felt so relaxed and calm.

Today was a nice self care and self love day. Thank you so much Adriene for today's practice.

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