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Day 26 Expand|Breath a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning and today was a good day for the word Expand.

We start off sitting down and breathe a few times before we start our stretching. We bend over and are in a seated forward pose with breath. A side to side twist stretch and these are hard for me to do because my lower back is always tense and hard to stretch. These are some of my favorites to help loosen the lower parts of my back.

We then go into all fours and drop the belly and inhale and exhale cat and cow poses. Then go into downward dog and stretch our whole body. Then hop if you dare to forward fold. This was so interesting with the breath. I stand straight up and then go forward fold all the way down and take my fingertips to the center of the mat and take both knees and bend then expand one hand to the sky and then switch. I felt a full-body stretch.

She takes us back to the halfway lift and pulls nose to knees. She threw in some core work with a plank hold and move side to side. My core was shaking could not believe what a plank can do if you hold it for a moment. We then go into a child's pose and take breaths. She adds some leg side twist stretches and then back on the mat sitting down and do some more light stretching. Overall this was a fantastic practice and I felt my whole body expand and stretch completely.

I am now at that point of my journey to focus on breathing with the stretches. It's really amazing to see the growth with my awareness and able to now add a lot of breath with the poses. I can also say I know the names of the poses I am doing. This is very inspiring and great to see this knowledge and growth within me.

I hope everyone enjoyed today's practice with Adriene. Thank you for today's practice.

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