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Day 27 Heal|Breath a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning and today are all about healing. This morning's practice was like giving yourself a nice warm cozy hug. Let's begin what we did today with Adriene and of course Benji.

Today we all start out sitting down on a blanket or mat. I had my mat already out so I sat down pushed play and followed along with one hand on my heart and the right hand on my stomach. Start with breathwork. Then a four-count inhale and four-count exhale. A light stretch called head to knee forward bend. Then go into what she calls a cheerleader pose. These poses along with breathwork. I twist side to side and then back to the center. The next pose is ankle crossing side to side. Send legs out to the front and ground down and inhale and exhale out.

Overall today was a light relaxing stretch with some breathwork. Today was pretty calm and relaxing. I really like these days because it helps me focus on my breath and feeling how my body stretches and moves. I focus on what I need to work on and just enjoy the moment of stillness.

I like the slowness of today's practice. With a day full of work, and kids, the list goes on. These moments are so nice to have.

Thank you for a calm relaxing practice today Adriene.

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