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Face The Music

The fog has been lifted. The dark circles under your eyes are faded. You are now alone in your bed, apartment, kitchen floor, whatever room you are in, you alone. No one is yelling at you anymore. You are finally free. The mind is confused and our soul sisters must sit with the damage we have allowed our minds, brains, bodies, souls, heart, and light. We have lost our light and the woman we have strived to become. Guess what sister you are free, breathe that in for one moment. Take a deep breath in one... two... three... and breath out. You are free!!!

First, we must admit that the abuse that occurred whatever it may have actually happened. We must admit this and sometimes it’s really hard. I know for me I was really ashamed of what I have allowed and why. I was even ashamed of my actions in each situation. This is a lot to take in. Because no one would understand why we allowed it for so long, this could be abuse with family, friends, relationships. Maybe even facing some childhood trauma. Who knows, all I know is the first step, is to face what happened. There is no way around it. The only way is sitting in it and walking through this. I really needed someone to be there for me when I went through this! Everyone would just put me down. tell me how stupid I am, or this did not happen, or you are just being dramatic, and it was not that bad.

On top of the shame now I have people putting me down and diminishing what truly happened. It’s hard enough to break free, but now I must come to the realization I fall into the statistics or a category.

So now what? I'm here to let you know you’re not alone. you don't have to be. You, sister, did the hardest part of it all. You left, walked out, escaped broke free. You are courageous and not alone. I was alone after I finally broke the chain that was suffocating my light. So, with that said, sister, I am here to tell you, you have a light waiting to shine. You are beautiful and extraordinary, so let’s face the music together and walk through this because the light is waiting!

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