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Queen Alpha by: Jamie Eve and Leia Stone

February Books (Finished)

February Books (Finished)

This is number two of the Mecca Series and things are getting juicy. A lot to impact so let's get started.

There is still a murder mystery regarding the first queen and how she was murdered no one knows yet. The human world is colliding with the Fae world. Arianna struggles to keep her crown and her friend goes missing. Arianna's forbidden love with the Bear King is growing and they both cannot control it any longer.

The Bear King and Arianna must work together to find out who has murdered the old Queen and why is the other world losing its mecca power before the fae takes over their world.

Her crown is at stake and so is her heart. Her best friend is missing and a battle emerged from the fae world and it came with great loss.

Arrianna must now escape into the fae world to find her dear friend and enter a world that is unknown to her and her friends. Will she find her friend? Will she find the old Queen's murderer? Will she and her friends help the fae or will they fight?

We shall find out in book 3.

I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read book 3 in March. Please let me know what you think and if you have any other book recommendations.

Note: I have decided to not rate any books right now because I want others to enjoy them and keep me posted on what you think.

Please leave a comment or send me a message I would like to hear from you.

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