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The Guardian: by Nicholas Sparks

This book was excellent. I picked this book out because I always wanted to read it. This has been sitting on my shelf for years. I read a few of Nicholas Sparks' books and still have plenty left on my shelf. This book had a great beginning. The middle started to slow down and there were a few twists along the way. I did not expect some of the things that happened while reading this book. I had a lot of questions while reading this. Here they are. Who does she choose? Who is this dog really? Is the Great Dane her husband?

These do get answered along your journey with the main character Julie and as I was reading this I felt for her. I could feel her emotions when grieving her loss. Almost like I was one of her friends helping her along her way.

Nicholas does not disappoint when you think this was a sad story he usually provides

a sprinkle of laughter and joy right after you have a good cry. If you are a huge animal lover this book might encourage you to get a Great Dane. So watch out you might end up with another family member/campion.

Overall this book was really well written and I was not disappointed at all. I would say this book is a 4-star book. I did not give it the 5 stars because it slowed down a little bit and I had to push through it. Let me know what you think about this book. Or is this still sitting on your shelf?

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