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Trauma and Life After

Has anyone gone through trauma? Experienced PTSD? Night terrors or bad dreams?

Do you have a past that was filled with trauma and your voice and innocence was taken away from you over and over again?

Guess what you are not alone. I know I have, and we all have a story. Most of us all had something bad happened to us growing up. I know this happened to me more than once. I am living proof that my past is not my future or present day. I am not saying I do not make mistakes because we all do. It is how we learn from them and grow. To not allow our past to dictate our present.

I found so much in my toolbox along my journey. I read a lot of books. I continue to keep reading to add to my toolbox. To be in the right headspace and to check my emotions when I need to.

Life can be hard, or it can be amazing. To allow the universe to provide and to have gratitude even in the simplest ways can impact our day for the better. I am not saying everything will be sunshine and rainbows, but we can change our mindsets. I have been a victim, a survivor, and now I do not label myself any of these things. I will just be me. I sometimes get back into the victim mentality and then when this is recognized I immediately check in with myself and start over. To check my emotions when I need to. This helps me be in the right headspace.

I just want others out there to know no matter what state you are in you are not alone. This is not the end and you too can overcome whatever it is you are going through. I am no doctor or therapist. I am a woman who has overcome many waves of abuse and refuses to allow that to be the end of my story. I have climbed out of the darkness of my worst possible nightmares. I have fought monsters in many forms including myself.

My journey took a lot of work on my part and I continue to work on myself daily. If this strikes a chord with anyone out there and you want to know more, or just need someone to chat with I am here.

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