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The Warrior

I look back from how far I have come

What I have conquered

How I am a warrior a savage all rolled into one

How I looked at defeat in the face and still stood my ground

I fought the battle alone

I pulled myself up from the battle that I have lost

The war is coming

There is a mist of dark fog coming surrounding my every being

My soul my heart has been shut down and shattered

Like glass falling to the ground as it splattered into a million pieces

I have fallen into it coming up with cuts and bruises so black

My bones are weak my soul is tired, and my heart is shattered from this endless battle.

My tears are gone

My emotions are wrapped up dancing like a firefly in the night with the black mist.

All I want to do is surrender to the darkness

to my demons that are calling my name

to just let go and let them devour what's left of my broken remains

The pain is unbearable

I almost took the sip of death


A shock of light went through my body and I jump up

Awaken something inside that has been there the whole time it was hiding

Waiting for the right moment to show itself.

This little light it radiates with a burning desire to shake off this muck

this dirt and grit

I put my armor on and ready to suit up for the fight of my life

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