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Day 17 Explore Breath a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning everyone and what a powerful effective practice today. There was a lot of movement and playfulness.

First, you start out on all fours a pose called cat-cow stretching our spine. I opened my chest and exhaled chin to chest. Then exploring this position slowly. Exploring the space body and breath. Explore what feels good, and be playful with it. Once your down then you can go into the cobra.

The next pose was sending the right leg out and knee to nose. Also bending the left elbow and extend your right leg as if you were at a hydrant per Adriene. This felt really good. We moved all over the place even using our core. The criss-cross stretches felt amazing. A variety of poses along with warrior poses but extending this pose out more than what I am used to. A lot of halfway lifts with inhaling and exhales. I even like it when stretching and to lookup with your fingertips like your tickling a cloud.

I heard my whole body crack after today's practice. I honestly enjoyed today's practice. I liked the variety we had. The powerful body movements and the inhale and exhale breathing really made a difference at the end. I felt my body completely relaxed. There is so much with today's practice. If you did not try today's practice my explanation and words do not do it justice. Try it for yourself you will not regret it.

Very glad I showed up today on my mat. I am learning and growing and today was very effective and impactful with so many poses and breathing techniques.

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