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Day 24 Rejuvenate a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene

Good morning I have missed the last few days and I am so happy I showed up on my mat today. We are in our final week everyone can you believe it. Rejuvenate what a great word and perfect for the practice we all had with Adriene.

We begin with the breath of fire. This was very different and it sort of felt awkward but I still did this. No matter how silly I felt I just kept following along with Adriene.

We then go to all fours and move our hips. We drop the rib cage and move around our hips to get the lower back. Oh man, this felt so good. I have so much tension in the lower back and really needed this. The next stretch is one of my favorites where you thread your arm through and breath in deep on your side. This I need daily. It feels extremely good and stretches out so much of my back. Thank you Adriene this was what my body needed.

We then stretched by a downward-facing dog. We walk up to our mat and place our feet with our hands and doing half lift poses. We then stand up completely and almost hula hoop our hips.

The hardest move for me was the airplane arms. I could not believe my arms and hands were shaking during this. Time to strengthen my arms more. Huge awareness with my body during this stretch. The second challenging pose was the pose where she states smearing honey on your rib cage this was hard to hold. I enjoyed this pose and felt a nice long stretch but could not hold my pose too long.

I did enjoy the balancing practice through today and at the end where we had to move our elbow to knee on one foot. This was great core work and helps strengthen my balance.

I really did feel rejuvenated after today's practice. What about anyone else? What did you enjoy about today's practice? What was a challenging pose for you? Please feel free to comment on any of this below.

Thank you Adriene for today's practice I am really glad to be back I showed up on my mat today and glad I am back on track.

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