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Day 10: Connect and Breathe Yoga with Adriene

I just started this challenge and today is my first day completely showing up on my mat. It was nice to do this with Adriene’s guidance. Breathing is one of my favorite parts of yoga practice. This helps me stay focused and grounded. I enjoy the poses and stretches today. Her dog Benjie is adorable and chill.

I enjoyed even her being her true self by singing boot scoot boogie today. To be honest I was singing right along with her.

I enjoyed the stretches and able to be flexible. When I was standing and swaying my arms from left to right I enjoyed the comedy she added to this part. I don’t know about anyone else but as for me, this stretched part of my lower back which are hard to reach places.

The breath parts were fantastic with the combination of the stretching. I enjoyed the change up this video had with the almost a warrior pose. This opened up different parts than the normal warrior pose's that I am used to. I enjoyed the tree pose on each leg because I am working on balancing and staying focused on my breath at the same time.

What I generally look for with guided yoga is people's tones and she has a great tone to lead. I enjoy this day 10 practice very much. I am a first-time follower and enjoy yoga daily. This will be added to my daily practice.

Thank you Adriene for continuing to open up your home your time to help all of us connect and grow with our daily practice. Below is a link to her Day 10 yoga if you have not yet tried it I highly recommended it.

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