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A little hope by: Ethan Joella

The book I picked out was from Book of the Month. This is one of the most popular book subscriptions and I wanted to get this a try. No regrets this book was very well written. The interweaving of how all the characters were connected was genius.

The main character was Greg a husband who was fighting cancer. It dealt with a wife struggling to watch her husband deteriorate. Children faced a reality that was too soon for them to say goodbye to their father if it came to that. A lot of variety of other characters fall In love and have regrets from their past. A variety of age groups deal with death love and connection.

Greg the main character has a scene where he goes in for chemo treatment the author painted this scene of what it's like and the people you meet and what they all are truly battling. The wife is witnessing all this and trying to keep her family together. There is another couple who has dealt with a loss and they are struggling with it. A woman who regrets not coming back and who she really loves before she marries. So much but written in a very poetic way.

After reading this book it made me wonder what would happen if this was me. How thankful I am to have my health and my family. I also thought about how we never know and to take every day and cherish it. You never know what happens and when our last breath will be. To take in every moment every second even the mundane times.

Overall this book was poetically written with a lot of realness and compassion. I would say this book is a 5-star book. So far the best I have read. The way it was written and the use of the words. How all the characters somehow interweaved with each other was genius. Let me know what you think about this book.

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